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New Play in Development: The 40 Elephants

We are currently developing a narrative based on the history of an all-female gang known as the 40 Elephants that dominated the criminal underworld of London for arguably 300 years. Like most of women’s history, many of these women’s stories and their prolific impact on London has been mostly lost or forgotten. Our project is developing a new play based on historical research and accounts of these women and their countless tales of pickpocketing, jewelry heists, smash and grabs, baby farming, poisoning, blackmail, prostitution rings, street gambling rackets, shoplifting, blackmail, and ‘badger’ games. We will also highlight the gang’s internal struggles for power as well as their contributions to London’s cultural and political landscape, including representing their part in the Suffragist movement. 

In addition to the project bringing these notorious women’s tales to dramatic life, we also endeavour to employ and foster fresh female writing talent, as well as recruit new and esteemed acting talent to aid in the play’s development and embody the roles in a world premiere performance on a main London stage.  

This project is in development now and the writers are researching and developing the script for the stage production. Keep checking back for more updates, including cast and associated artist announcements and project partners. For more information or to get involved, contact us directly. 

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