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Drag King Richard III Reviews


The F Word – Katherine Wootton


After seeing it, I have a deeper and more emotional connection to the idea and experience of being transgender. I will certainly never see Richard III in the same way again – I have a new way of understanding the characters and the defiance, aggression and alienation that Shakespeare presents. Overall, this is smart, brave theatre doing what theatre is meant to do.”



London Theatre 1 – Neil Cheesman


Timely and relevant, Drag King Richard III takes its audiences on a spellbinding and thought-provoking journey ‘that no one can afford to miss’ (The Times), full of pathos and wit, as they follow Laurence’s struggle to transition at any cost. The play offers no easy answers, it enthrals and surprises while questioning one of the last social taboos of our modern age.”


The Gay Uk – Chris Bridges


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this performance but I definitely got more than I bargained for. Terri Power’s award winning piece is a funny, deftly written play with some genuinely moving moments. The themes of identity are universal and not just applicable to transgender people. Laurie’s story is a fascinating one and one that shouldn’t feel too difficult for anyone to grasp, thanks to Power’s concise yet powerful play. The conceit of the two handed perspective and the humorous touches worked brilliantly. This is much more than a straightforward ‘issues’ play. Well worth seeing with very strong performances from the two leads.”


Exeunt Magazine – Laura Seymour


…Drag King Richard III is also a fresh reinterpretation of Richard III, transforming duplicity into frankness and murderous menace into godemiche-related humour.


London City Nights –


Drag King Richard III manages to do a hell of lot with very little time, telling a deeply felt personal story while getting into the nitty-gritty of wider gender issues.”


A Younger Theatre – Daniel Harrison


“Terri Power’s piece tells the story of the female to male transition of Laurie, a topic rarely covered on stage…Power makes a sterling effort.


Zander and Adair both give sympathetic and engaging performances. There is a warmth and connection between the two that feels genuine, probably witnessed best when the pair reminisce about their schooldays.”


“It's a brave and uncompromising piece” What’s On Stage


“Zander and Adair are to be congratulated on delivering such strong performances.

Part of the credit for them must lie with Roz Hopkinson as director.” British Theatre Guide


“Drag King Richard III is funny yet serious, probing but lighthearted, and offers some genuine laugh-out-loud moments while exposing the taboo of the transgender person.” Broadway World 


“Drag King Richard the Third is well worth catching, it’s a thoughtful and powerful piece of directly challenging modern drama while allowing the humanity of its subject matter to sit next to us, turn to face us and speak directly to our own experiences of life.” GScene

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